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Cenote Garden of Eden

cenote eden.jpg

It is one of the largest open-air  Cenotes in the Riviera Maya, which makes it perfect for underwater photos, thanks to its crystal clear waters that allow perfect visibility under water to observe the hundreds of fish that live there.

This cenote is surrounded by green vegetation and trees of the region that give the impression of being in the Garden of Eden, around there are some palapas to rest or enjoy nature and relax.

On one of the banks of the cenote it is perfect to dive into a few dives with a fall to the water mirror of about 4 or 5 meters, for your safety there are lifeguards who are pending for any unforeseen event, for diving lovers there is also space where you can you can explore the interior of this Cenote next to the stones are the access caves, or if you just want to snorkel and relax sunbathing on one of the gigantic stones that are almost coming out of the water you can do it, while hundreds of fish give you a relaxing massage.

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