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Equipo... ¡Al rescate¡


El curso PADI Rescue Diver promueve la capacidad para detectar problemas a tiempo y actuar adecuadamente en situaciones de estrés, para que una pequeña emergencia no se convierta en un grave peligro. La atención se centra principalmente en la prevención y el manejo adecuado de situaciones peligrosas y técnicas de auto-rescate. Todo esto ayuda a lidiar mejor con los problemas típicos en el mundo del buceo, aumentara su confianza y sus habilidades de buceo. Se formara para ser más prudente y un mejor compañero.

18 años

4 días

Open Water

40 m /
130 ft

Edad mínima
Horas totales
Nivel mínimo
m de profundidad


Personal máximas

PADI Rescue Diver Course

The PADI Rescue Diver course promotes the ability to detect problems early and act appropriately in stressful situations, so that a small emergency does not become a serious danger. The focus is primarily on the prevention and proper handling of dangerous situations and self-rescue techniques. All this helps to better deal with the typical problems in the world of diving, it will increase your confidence and your diving skills. It will be trained to be more prudent and a better companion.

The development of the PADI Rescue Diver course:

The first day of training includes pool and theory sessions, gaining basic knowledge such as dealing with a panicked diver, bringing an unconscious diver to the surface and the different techniques to react in low air situations. In the theoretical classes you learn to quickly identify stress situations and reduce the problems associated with the different conditions and factors of the dive.


The second and third days are spent on the ship or on shore; In search and rescue you learn how you can best use the available resources. We also teach how to provide oxygen and how to apply mouth-to-mouth breathing techniques in the water. Emergencies are simulated and  conducted underwater. Keep your eyes open and be ready because your Instructor will stage unexpected rescue situations in which you will have to react.

PADI Rescue Diver Course Length:

  • 3 days minimum


Course price:

  • $400


It includes:

  • pool entrance

  • Beverages

  • Theorical class

  • 4 Dives in the reefs of Playa Del Carmen

  • Certification costs.

1. Lección teórica
2. Entrenamiento en la piscina.
3. 4 inmersiones en nuestro Mar Caribe a una profundidad máxima de 40 metros.
4. Instructor
5. Tanques, plomos y agua
6. Renta del equipo
7. Certificación

¿Qué incluye el curso PADI Rescue Diver?

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